Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man/ Viragor


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K2 Cocky super-impressive as always. was debating ripping this off tidal but I have to support my man Beans and the movement...🙏 Favorite track: Viragor.
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Don’t kill me dead wit that bullshit - Out of print bludgeon your bullshit no bueno Slow death empty-holstered Spectacle not spectacular - Pincushion pin plus eyes pincushion pins Protruding from eyes traumatized Spectacular - the abandonment of heaven DEATH - is letters in sequence - get you rinsed Ears alive a body in motion conveys rhythm In a position of prestige to lay siege - Alchemy of syntax a superiority so feared That fear itself feared - Paul Robeson Regal Handsome Hand Grenade Rob - sentient flame Flat out crushed your brain module malfunctioning muthafuckas - impotent to action The only feeling aroused by MC’s is pity - Feebly trying to exceed their meager abilities I woke up at 4am - I was 8 again - Changing my father’s bedpan so It’s not hard to smell the thoughts of these shit for brains - hobbled w/ your grab bag of gross farts turned The air trashy - once was fresh is formula Dismount or reroute - It’s your insides out A bear chained to the sky by the stars to prevent a devouring of everything From nothing to everything - Everything wrapped in a perfect lie Comfortable in a black satin Sheet of night you can taste it On the rain - Blood spilled from black skin blends burgundy - Undead see-through October 31st ghost you like mist vapor from humidifier expired - Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man - Gone H.A.M. w/ my monogram - fly as I land laid eggs on the head of Pence Beats bump dermatitis - Something you can feel - Startled, the door opened -just as her mouth did - When the penis that fell out of it - wasn’t her husband’s - And you’re a party rental - A pretty personality but she ain’t got no ass though - It’s self-inflicted - Giving her backshots felt like stabbing yourself with sharp elbows - Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man Headscratcher your scupper discarded hope Tossed in a landfill sting like a spelling bee Rapier rap UFO Romeo kept it movin’ like GO PRO - Next album done, start another one - My art is love made public - got your world walking on eggshells can’t stop crying you’ll drown - If the room was on fire you wouldn’t be hot Line for line it’s a hobby to blow minds kept rappers running - I’m a storm cloud coming - Faith is the strength in believing in things you can’t see - and if this is your proof - then I can’t find the strength In the faith of you as an MC - As I get older Hip Hop is still inspiring to listen - despite hearing something is missing - cold chillin’ like Hoth - w/a beer as cold as my heart - I’m your harmacy cuddly cactus couch cozy unwavering Ballbeam - built to make y’all scream and none descends from heaven to intervene - Titanosaurus - I’m epic y’all antiseptic bland nondescript - soulless - It’s like y’all satiated with a roll of quarters when ya coulda had Fort Knox This rusty guts (old fellow) Shut your bone box (mouth) -w/a hard blow or a bunch of fives (fist) To the blinkers (eyes) - A floorer to his blinkers @ half-mourning Eternity box (coffin) he extinct He out of print (deceased) A recurring theme -disruptor unbridled unravel a lavender rapper By undoing his shameless horseshit - Every word is a door - death is the exit - I collar suckas w/a pet recovery cone - To train ‘em to steer clear of a microphone A country divided NOT by politics - But intelligence - As flat earthers drink Clorox cures Covid Evangelist weighin’ in on science - inept - As pending relics - too tethered to the Present - Til’ I grow old - Fresh Wild Fly and Bold it’s gravy, baby So wavy, so Cold Crush - Every remark remarkable had y’all lick rust - Your adventure in error lead to no avail - (chorus) Paved my own path, no traffic - Paved my own path, no traffic - Paved my own path, no traffic - Paved my own path, no traffic - Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man - Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man - Synaptic discharge - Black Quantum Cowboy Nat Love get 9/11 lights out nobody mourns - Let’s get acquainted like axe to neck - On mics the only mercy I bestow upon you is DEATH - death frees you from life’s restraint I made it fashionable - to be a walking slap in your face - your sad is my fun - Unfriendly to poorly modeled after ME - You been a suck a duck a mirror me fractured from 7 years of bad luck - Vengeance is all you’ve left me You forgeries you rap pussies A dirty sponge unwashed unstable - Unbind no staples Literally - Remove my face - You can’t see - I ain’t a TV - Hunger reaper well-fed hearteater Murder hornet pen of a thousand perils I write - mild as milk obliterated on mic - A meteorite HOLLA - Set myself on fire - Hip Hop is patience expired Step into the space saucer of sound The universe is my voice - In other words - Endless worlds - The word is a world - A world - A world - A world - Words took your world for a whirl - I don’t spit - I drum vomit and hurl Approach the pen - with an evil dis-po- si-tion writtens are drown kittens then empty another pillowcase I filled w/ more rap cats - then light a match (break) You ain’t LL - You out here no names not ringing bells A skunk farm - merciless - The stench is too much - seriously - mercy flush - Scurry like rats When I write raps No way you say how I say Dedicated to demolishing dingbats You shit couldn’ts of spider sadness Puke glitter you broken appliance Potato battery mutha duck as Shake you out your tree In a murderous glee snatching souls assigning caskets intellectually Incongruently buried separately from your body @ a loss like alopecia out here - On my feel awful music for MC’s Earthwrecker applying pressure the likes you’ve never seen grizzly reaper super ripper Rob wood shred a rapper Repelled by MC’s like a magnet of wrong polarity you schmucks took rap for granted like breath Not too ripe on your mics Sink’em on sight making a mess Synonymous Together like caskets and kings - America is a crime scene - My pen transcends - I, the Moonlight Man the faultline the rift that split your flourish I’m cinnamon sprinkled in potted plants that kills the fungus that feeds fruit flies I despise - Suck on this silence - Rob Veto - Manhattan Ego - Kiss my narrow asses ass - A blemish of a face - So many warts y’all looking ugly in braille
Viragor 03:54 video
If you lonely, then get a dog - Add peanut butter and let Fido lick - That’s how nasty I spit - On the edge the views amazing - The views amazing In fascination - We gaze upward @ - A Milky Way of dead civilizations - That orbited sunlike stars - That overtime off’d themselves - To appraise the ruin The stellar debris is serene - Standing under them - This art form was evoked - By stealing power from a lamppost - That evolved from ingenuity - There ain’t rules to this shit creatively- To rap is to embrace renegade - Daring and unafraid - Ah, yo, then this shit hit the fan - The walls, and the house when It came out - I had a cousin who I only saw @ funerals Play a record @ my house - When it came out - Jimmy Spicer’s The Adventures of Super Rhymes then I heard Planet Rock - it blew my mind - A spark was ignited, no doubt - Now rappers get burned and learned the color of flames Joy turns to ash in they mouth - Air you out like jeans that air dry - Now I’m Viragor cheetah chomp lyrically a terror - Golden Eagle Ghost era hopefully Purple Tape Pedigree worthy idioms making idiots of them - Joy turns to ash in they mouth - A momentum of language magnificent - avian w/ an owl face and batwing ears so fly it’s unfair - it’s disproportionate - malleable context unrivaled ravage when unveiled converged Unconventional - you ain’t lit - you litter you heinous - a sprinter - your heart racing from clout chasing - it’s degrading - Concentrated attack on everything you hold dear - unleashed you unprepared - Passionately pummel like the pussy of my paramour - my ma cherie amour Pussy so wet it washed away sins - Contort in a visage tailored bespoke The way I see fit - Ungoverned territory dimensionality and a depth that the music reflects - Forms a synthesis of arrange phrase syntax add semtex explosive - Sanzu w/a pen - A mythical river - that brings life to an end Joy turned to ash in your mouth - Everything I was told I couldn’t have - I tried to clutch in my grasp - The agony of a wallet - dehydrated from thirst gasp - no steam no gas - No suicide note 2nd draft - Inviting the darkness - Weightless swept in the current - of life as a series of moments - but Moments past so I’ll make this one last - Like it’s all I have - but I can’t rock - With these cum-sock-GOBOTS Epidemic of delusion - No distinct - Like Satan Santa Santana - Indiscernible - non-descript - like a pot holder or an oven mitt do the same shit - you ain’t shit - shit-ologist - In-sig-nif-icant as lint - The sub par is prev-al-ent - Spam risk rappers onslaughter-er Over campfire official never been Jiffy Pop - No similar or simulation - nor alliteration Peerless - your fresh is meritless Lil so and so rhyming w/a learner’s permit Zip tied in a locked car strike a match your MP3 downloaded for free on a Zune MC - he obsolete - Friendless urinal cakes ain’t fucking w/Rob’s rhymes gleaming sharp axe raps Best dressed days in caskets - An adventure of perception - A die of joy hysteria vividly- a movie trailer A synesthesia - A ruptured arterial gush agonizing red gospel in sectionals the handsaw Forward and Back as shrieks rise from a sawed in half Mahalia His nasty ass w/a pen and a pad - wore his underwear inside out for a month - and caught a rash - Yo, my childhood was bad grades and beatings - And beating off to Linda Carter - Lola Falana, Charo, and Barbara Eden - The hangover after the party - But it’s Covid - so there’s no party - or there shouldn’t be - It’s a disconnect - a wasted breath - CPR performed on a corpse headless And what they wrote - Was dope shit deficient - his bark tepid Garden gone fallow inoperative inept Shoes untied running - they fell off Tried steppin’ to ‘em like toe rings - Dismissed as harmless - innocuous - And push rope flaccid funeral Front Runners the pen you carry is bluff - Take it granted like breath - Joy turned to ash in your mouth - Put y’all on permanent power nap Your skull is a candy dish - I will endure you no more a damper crossfader fade y’all to silence - The flyest - a sky tyrant - how an airplane flew away no pilot - catch wreck often I’m often the bad day you press play On a past you kept reliving - The present that keeps giving - snuff your light forward disruptor Singularity Viragor - I will endure you no more


released April 16, 2021

Bermuda Serpent Saliva Man produced by David Russell Stempowski (Snake) with strings by Christopher Auerbach-Brown.

Viragor produced by Asethic

Mastered by Jose Guerrero @ Plataforma Continental

Artwork by Blaise.Moritz


all rights reserved



BEANS New York, New York

Accomplished abstract poet. Early architect of electronic-infused beatscapes. Founding member of legendary left-field rap act Anti-Pop Consortium


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