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A Dark 07:03
Surf’s up – he wavy – your fresh ain’t my fresh – Y’all got Lil Nas X – I grew up on Lord Finesse – Her name was Agnes – Nothing special about Agnes or her appearance A bashed – she resembled a squash – Life is a pigeon – that took a shit on her new Prius – and she just got her car washed – The epitome of average – Agnes – Average Agnes – The sad thing about being average – is that everything about being perceived as average is unappealing to most people – Agnes was no exception – she craved to be – looked up to from afar – like a star – so bright the world could see – alas – Agnes hated the facts that that would never be me – Agnes – never to exude happiness – she perceived self-worth in correlation w/ her social media amount of likes for validation – She would never contribute to the world to be – unique onto herself nor instill others w/ envy – that comes from the confidence of knowing that she was the only one to which these qualities she possessed – That others would strive to find in themselves something they saw in her to cherish to say, “Damn, that Agnes – so fresh!!!” being in her presence – you could truly feel blessed – the acknowledgement of being just here – Agnes wanted to disappear – Agnes was a joke – a misquote, an evaporation – a hesitation – an occupation of wasted time and a question of why – like being on the receiving end of listening to rappers – regurgitating the same ole same ole in they rhymes – all lies – WAVE goodbye – Why that good shit be so hard to find? But seek and you shall find – in the private confides of her house – she sat comfy as a lump on her living room couch – doing what she always did every early afternoon – She would punish herself for being Agnes – by painfully pulling her hair out – bleed out – the pull of her hair follicles forcibly from her scalp – was removed – partially to relieve – and punish herself – because she couldn’t have Steve – every woman who ever breathed wanted Steve – Steve Carr cavalier who - didn’t have a care – bob and weave Steve – hi-post he nosebleed – Agnes – antics – childish infatuation – tragic – toxic – it felt like love – Agnes was hooked on Steve – fiending for his affection like drugs – All his life it seemed – that things were easy – handed to him on a tray – Steve was living the dream Steve appeared well-adjusted, reliable, polite, and to his neighbors he was kind – which – all – sums – up – Steve – OR – so we believed – A bachelor who volunteered his time to service the community – just last week, he helped out w/ the middle school fundraiser to recruit sponsors to donate funds to get new football equipment because he saw – kids as an investment in our future – for a better world to live in – He loved cats, all-around good guy Steve – too good to be believed – All the ladies were wondering – whose soul do I have to sell? What did they have to do – to fuck a hunk of beefcake like you – Damn, shame how Steve could be single in this day and age – Was he a hoarder? A mama’s boy? Or disappointingly, was he gay? – ladies lining up in droves to volunteer for his gay therapy conversion – Well-proportioned slender and well-dressed – Steve had a face ladies would kill to sit on and getting dug out by Steve – would be so dreamy and an event they would relive and cherish forever – He owned the local real estate agency house hunting is where Agnes first encountered him – and no-one in town – had a bad thing to say about him – so it was odd when his neighbors watched from across the street as the police arrived @ Steve’s door in the early afternoon – on the first week of June – Everyone was ready to clear away the cobwebs Of a rainy Spring so it was the 1st bright sunny day to remember – The door was barricaded blocked off w/ police tape when the ambulance arrived – to all the neighbors’ surprise – When the lady next door, Ms. Lacy Peppard Cogwell – called the cops to complain – about a funny, пweird smell coming from the toolshed in Steve’s backyard – even before reaching out to the authorities – she tried to reach Steve – directly for up to a week – before she became too overwhelmed by the reek – the night before she called the police – Ms. Cogwell thought she heard screaming for help in the middle of the night during the week – but dismissed it as TV and went back to sleep – But the next night – she thought she heard the same distinct plea for help – but thought again that it might be TV or a figment of her imagination but the scent gradually went from irritative to downright pungent rather quickly – she had no idea where the scent could be emanating from originally – for all she knew – it might have been a rodent trapped that died in a wall – the horror that happened here – had everyone so appalled – to the shock of the neighborhood – from the house – The police carried out the body of Steve – w/ their camera phones out – the neighbors stood in disbelief – dead and stinking it was Steve – who’d want to hurt somebody like Steve – After the coroner drove away with his remains – A young woman was being escorted out the house by the two cops into a squad car – her eyes darting back and forth squinting to turn away – from the brightness of the day – using her arm wrapped around a blanket to shield the sun from her eyes the young woman from under the blanket was naked and looked a fright – her torso matted w/ dried blood and caked dirt unwashed – gravely thin and would probably be better off – if Steve’s cat ate her corpse – like a drunk surgeon – Steve severed her tits – and hung ‘em on his fridge like magnets – to the dismay of no status Agnes – Agnes – in anguish – lovelorn – she still grieved – over Steve – She just didn’t want to be here anymore – she was a sandwich in an open window screaming “EAT ME, EAT ME!!!” unworthy to be a leftover an inedible so unbelievably forgettable – the thought of another day continuing the same way underwhelming predictability of a routine w/o Steve – was too hard to believe – so she followed the coroner to the morgue – Agnes snuck into the morgue and waited – And hid – she had to stay calm – it was hard – she couldn’t breathe - she would finally – be alone – w/ Steve – as the coroner left the room – Agnes was faced w/ his remains – she quickly undressed – soaked between her legs, she was wet – Agnes straddled Steve’s lifeless corpse – transitory is flesh and blood – true enlightenment is love – glands in her mouth produced saliva in anticipation – Agnes onto Steve leaned back and lunged – Her mouth opened wide bearing down w/ her incisors tearing off the flesh of Steve’s left cheek – Red meat – excitement – the blood pooled from her mouth as if seethed – Agnes continued to feed – no longer a memory – Steve will live on within me – a part of me – this is my declaration of everlasting love – as I consume his flesh – Steve’s blood is my blood.
God, I’m not sure of you existence - but won’t call you out your name as insurance but in case you are there and I’m not aware - I won’t blaspheme - I’m Ballbeam, the Big Sauce Handsome hand grenade Rob the Ishmael Reed of MC’s - so far out - that my writings enticing to June Tyson - my real is surreal when I cobra cuddle no recoil clutch a microphone - meet the new Ted Joans been that - will be that - stay that - Abstract - use my head for more than a hat rack tryin to reach my cloud - taking the stairs I’m above it - Lord of everything my light touches - Mr. NightFall Mr. Wack never that always forever extratalest - w/ that drop dead fresh it’s when I close my eyes ‘til I rise - no 9 to 5 - my burdens I’m too fly - I belong in the sky - my drip add water you DROWN you flood w/ the ferocity of a leaky faucet savagely speaking - if I’m wrong, then who’s right? creatively lawless - the God you can touch w/ text slay then raise from the grave in 3 days I’m Jesus - my hot rod is a T-Rex preying on minds fatalistic artillery articulate words vivid - like staring out a windowsill to these flavorless - bland as water room temperature tepids - Y’all got yellow teeth and rock waves cause you spent more time brushing the wrong shit - I can’t ride that wave - so much for priorities A crowbar dislodged your soul from your body - each tic of the clock has become your foe - I’ll admit, though - that you’ve got gusto in your pursuit of failed ambition - y’all fell off like Tumblr - after the porn restrictions - I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE THEY SPREAD LOVE LIKE BEDBUGS to a mind swaddled in squalor - tryin to explain the concept of time to a toddler - Time, a measure of duration linear - this is the termination of your linear duration - laid in waste your dreams in debris - vivid in 3D - when I’m feeling indecisive - I tie a chain around a rapper’s neck - tie the other end around a pole - then drive as fast as I can go - throw the decapitated head into the air - yell heads or tails - somehow, it always lands on heads, I suppose - You a whimper trying to whisper futile in the ear of a brazen blaze - don’t burn sweeter than plum wine you bitch macho benign washed up - you a wash cloth the passenger pigeon who flew into a fan - he’s duck sauce I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE THEY SPREAD LOVE LIKE BED BUGS Santa going out of business because of abortion - that type of bullshit - Santa doesn’t exist, you twit - roses are red - Smurfs are blue - they ran out of glitter glue and can’t shine like you failed miracle - trust exercise distressed trauma in a Costco soggy urine stained thong - a dead shark for a bong - a tea kettle makes better songs - gloatingly as that shitbag Zimmerman signing autographs on a pack of Skittles despicable - Mike Vick as Dr. Doolittle - happy Negro - shackled by zeros - to do the bidding of status quo even if I play quiet on tippy toes everywhere I go - an apocalypse follows - slipped into the beat like a kimono I’M FROM NEW YORK WHERE THEY SPREAD LOVE LIKE BED BUGS Abused crews in a theme park of pain measured in mass put-weight on the name - I radiate my own sun - foraging graves to raise a calvary - This Night Amok no clemency - it means nothing to me - to shit on MC’s - over crowds - I’m a circus performer on the trapeze - w/ diarrhea
Hemlock Ernst v.1 action reaction to law factions defeated by walls forcing the fictions to seed this encryption deleting my all circuits in service to purposelessness vertebrate verdigris urban resurfaced to merger with merchants disfiguring currents of culture echoing vultures — serpenting, side-winding, co-signing popular icons and high value artisans and their artifacts can’t tend to void what you holler back seek and destroy what you paid all that you gave three shades that’s ingrained you jettisoned efforts to crescent the purity evident in every crevice incredulous urgency — cynical sycophantic — symptomatic of currency arguing over the status of status the stasis of dead homo sapiens treated as trinkets, delinquents, and atoms in sequence out-of-sequence by the graphs you deleted science mixes bodies muddies faces/dictions people/hair/fire metal/platelets/friction at an arm’s length — a subtle pointillism you can see it breathe how he held the ‘ism how he held the ‘ism sitting in the middle of a red room at the dead center of a black star sitting in the middle of a blue room at the dead center of a black star anti-star… Beans v.1 This is New Age Asphyxiation w/ mic cords tarot card King of Swords - action weaver of strange fires put the panic on watts - frenzy illustrated when my powers prevail a blade in the trick or treat that roars rapping your pain in closed caption no love w/ the sound phased out no peace a repetition in ashes - as above so below buggin’ out - like animals in cages collages - the cadence is a maze of no emergence - voices from HELL pay homage Take their hats off - the fire cries out in hunger when I was younger I hungered and never satisfied - now I’m older still bolder and never placated - I know hunger - it wasn’t far for me to remember - in a crowd of scars called memory - I never severed - harmly hardly under a palm tree rock the body, body so healthy and hearty - bury a body harshly bashed w/a nail-studded wooden plank arch-rivalry - hovering at 40 ft. wingspan apathy - trapped between the lines - writing my way out - my escape route - was a trapdoor when I fell through the floor in a flask of bad serum- it’s the autobiography of poison gas in full bloom taken all your birthdays with the waves crushing you - wack effeminate rap - tits tattooed on its back made myself into a drug intoxicant to fly as a pilot - on a flight- working from home your face called in sick- non-odor-resistant funk game of surprise calligraphy hostilities urn - dog w/ no bite bark loud litany assail lion ate literature des-tabl-izor 28 centimeters wide incisor roar no recompense penmanship -render yours worthless - my verse vs. your verses a relationship to living better in retrospect devoid of touch or taste an endless darkness -unrest of death subdued rinse you - shitheads colonic - quiet and catatonic the papyrus hybrid - ink designer virus - the dialogue of a plaque - viperette in a phase zap fantastique take a look at ME NOW American Tint - war is a verb the color is cruel - make money money talk playing w/ her money bags I smoke any hairy who w/a harem of outworldly words - that bewildered perpetrators of a fraud - denounced dormant - phonic pus exude a discharge of ooze - rhymes Saturn rings around you - bag of zeros hang yourselves achieve new heights - no fresh in your formula - a spraycan of goof be gone dung thrown@ the frail - don’t waste your tears or rust - your world ends w/o warning - a walk of shame towards epiphany of a fond memory no longer a friend - drop shit on ‘em microphones I been accident prone - got your self - esteem running out of steam to the beat it’s Bliss Killer Ballbeam - Hunger Reaper well-fed the reaper for rent un-alives you - as if you black and not wearing a name tag- you ain’t leaving Subway w/a AT4 rocket launcher on your back w/o leaving in a body bag no compliance - you can forget it - they shot Pamela Turner in Texas when she was pregnant - I dreamed that I was a prisoner and the shackles was love - and love was too self-absorbed to grant affection in return but I was afraid to give it a chance to try - Dejected - I dreamed I was an astronaut floating away from myself - that found himself w/nowhere else to turn - Hemlock Ernst v.2 offering paupers a posturing pendulum pending dimensional codas in swallowing overtures oboes and obelisks symphonic monolith scarecrow of terrorists railroad the populace feed at the feet of conglomerates bleed at the knees from abandonment tear at church, bury their head in the earth burn down the perish and perch, that is perishing inside primordial kerosene heaters that feed us the rats for the hogs and the hogs for the fetus the lack of a rawness the reason they need us the reason they eat us they eat us fist over fist the abyss of mechanical engines, don’t tire or cling to the lyre the Pling Plang Plung interstitial to cigarette choirs that swallow the wire and Sing They Sung smoking hopelessly chimney stacks opening belching an animas billow amalgamates birthing Heironymous ominous abstract american arrogant dominance critics of artisans business as usual sitting in the middle of a blue room at the dead center of a black star — thinking as force feeding a foster child on false icons infuses a lack of love devolving into abused states of relation a shell forming equation you’ve invested in cinematic eradication an infatuation with prat falls the harder the death star forming over mouths foaming moths to origami flame ostracized the bloody born tame metastasized the digital footprint of genius what genus do you call fiendish — english parasitic papacy in chains — my aim took it from a book you were given because it shares your name FAME you wanna learn to live forever you better learn how to die, quick blind sick lay yourself on the cross before you fly parallel betwixt the sediment and the sky forever a monitor and no reminder… Beans vs. 2 The assaults of Ahmaud, Breonna, and George of the most recently forcibly removed started once we crossed these shores with the sorrow imbedded in the soil - due to Covid, we remain quarantined for our safety you can’t leave but I’m exhausted by what I read on my news feed - everyday - yet it’s derelict to turn away - words are the wick of a powder keg when none were previously held accountable- as the nights burned like Nikes when Kaepernick was kneeling- peaceful protests tattered in pieces people riot for the police unprovoked barrage of chastisement- frustrated as the writer once words failed - Elon Musk launched Space X - on the day of protests - during a pandemic looking for a quick way to leave - I guess the 1% are in a rush before Bunker Bitch Donald hid in a bunker- he played golf as the world burned- all in all - looking back - 2020 was a cheese grater vibrator - beyond wack - a sad fact - and on top of that - Amy Cooper got her dog back
Lyedecker 07:12
Yo, I had a dream I was Ballbeam - a rather blunt, less tactful - Scare-O-Dactyl back when black babies was gator bait and what hogs ate - chronic flatulence explained the stench of my fake funeral home burying corpses in my backyard and a jar filled w/ hundreds of teeth w/ gold fillings of these Max Schreck - biting no clue tracksuit Nosferatu who - sold tickets to stimulate their taste receptors on my testicles - as a prize offered in raffle - a word weaver wizard w/ vitiligo - a man w/a lion’s face w/ ears and head of a water buffalo - then I woke up but it wasn’t a dream - everything was as it seems - I’m from that Luke and Laura era - Angie and Jessie era - Ted and Dixie - Erica and Dimitri - when love in the afternoon - becomes intolerable again by 6am - fried like the wrong end of a crack stem - the thing I hated about taking the 1st early morning train to Poughkeepsie from Grand Central is sharing the public bathroom w/ the dead living - the sight of watching the dead living - Specters- w/ their tissues almost liquefied and mummified skin and tendons making their way towards disintegrate - bones that will soon break - as their soft collagen inside them begins to deteriorate - leaving nothing but the brittle mineral frame the personification of the blight of MAN and we’re comfortably callous to the casual indifference - we’ve developed a tolerance the dead living - bathing themselves in the sink nauseating the scent of the unbathed ungodly becomes visceral - as if the stench was an extended limb tapping you on the shoulder - demanding your undivided attention - none left unscathed - the fumes which emit from these ass wretches of hell demand that you finish your business as hurriedly as humanly possible - just to evade contamination of their filth through proxy - a stigma of illness - BEANS is just that crazy uncle of Hip Hop - kept in the attic nobody talks about - outside - it’s humid but his teeth are chattering - he’s sitting in a chair teetering and we were told not to tell - putting GOD on mute - the uninitiated grew weary as he murmurs quietly in a corner a mantra over and over to himself - skull sizzle - it’s skull sizzle - that skull sizzle - so skull sizzle - BEANS is a spider w/a scorpion’s tail previously encased in amber - assigned gender and race to GOD so do you - see the deity in you? roast an ox drink rum administered oath w/ drawn blood - mixed w/ gunpowder and grave dirt distribute the mixture to drink w/ the promise of protection - and capture a bullet w/ bare hands - a venomous ulcer that threatens to disperse malignancy - that’s what it means to me to MC - infectious and crafty insurgencies - share words in a collective dream like film - fluently musically a nightmare no leash agonizer insurrector no gas mask you ain’t Garett Morgan you gassed - never ask permission to make change - ask for permission it won’t change - balance disrupt orator special overtone to the ordinary through auditory - fertile territories vast to cultivate images to connect one piece @ a time creating a storyline - through a journey writing my way out - write - to shed light start a fire w/a lemon - took a nap in a morgue got cremated - molecules ripped apart at the subatomic level - air arranged in rotation - like a babysitter tying a toddler suspended to a ceiling fan centrifugal - a fan enthusiastically devoted to persona - OH, ye of big dreams and low result - what a vast vault of insufficient funds you are - Bitch Macho y’all be rhyming like y’all gender swapped skin suits - beam voices in your skull w/a telepathic ray gun - the voice tells you - weep now - your lord hates you - relax, and worship me - this is disinformation - invisible radiation - malignant - how you claim you rhyme you benign you fake news tsunami - I aspire - to be a bonfire - a halo of barbed wire - to fold you like clean clothes you - you past due took aim but misfired ate MC’s like toenails - made enchiladas out they entrails - Mr. host a bake sale to build a bomb - Pyramid Scrawl flame out a scroll - impact of stepping on a Lego - the point of contact painful - no unicorns to jizz rainbows - frigid as if the anal probe was an icicle - no wonder your attitudes be so off tempo - so angelic - even my poop has halos - a decorative garnish - this is pink Himalayan salt on fried fruit - Wuhan bat soup - y’all sturdy like Trump’s border wall - I’ll huff and I’ll puff then a gust of high winds blows down all a y’all - forward momentum of your trajectory in deficiency - lyrically estranged - but my BLACK MAMBA ASTRA - is a non-conventional propulsion mass reduction device w/ vertical electrostatic lines charges in each corner to generate a force per volume combining lift and propulsion - comprised of an inner resonant cavity wall an outer resonant cavity and microwave emitters electrically charged outer resonant cavity wall - microwave emitters create high frequency electromagnetic waves through the resonant cavity to vibrate in an accelerated mode repulsive gravity - my BLACK MAMBA ASTRA - flown through a void air resistance reduced generating a vacuum - sails smoothly the void within vacuum - in a triangular hull - I traverse - flying around - making friends w/a cloud in a wonderful view - hovering over you - for simplicity - my BLACK MAMBA ASTRA - is a black Dorito shaped flying saucer w/a hole in the middle - I’m James Banning moving @ speeds that exceed exceptional - with all the excitement of blank paper I’m Lyedecker - Jim Brown’s obsidian cowboy in 100 rifles Fucking Raquel Welch - Fucking Raquel Welch - in a frenzy, ecstatically, enthusiastically - w/ all the savagery that he can muster - a plague of locusts - my pen no pleasantries - the bulb @ the end of the tunnel extinguished this is coronavirus w/a splash of lime and cauterize rappers rapping - in a premenstrual fashion running your mouth ain’t an exercise another fill in the blank fuck rapper who never fails to fail all blunder and all breadcrumbs to hell infertile w/ word spawn and the beats you on is stillborn - they don’t move me - unrealized - I am SARS West Nile E. Coli Bird Fly Swine Flu Ebola Zika - through your speakers - pandemic - I am fear - that periodic epidemic that happens - during an election year - wash my hands of your fate - I’m Pontus Pilate - my aura is violence - the 2 plus 2 is 4 undisputed brute audio abnormality cool decimator rappers bought toilet paper in bulk and got shitted on - I’m a 365 days of the year bad mood - to your parade of ineptitude - choked and manhandled - playing small is cancelled - social distancing myself from MC’s hurt by their own expectations - rappers grew arthritic - trying to hold onto hope - Bleak - a hopeful idea that died in its sleep - your pain is my wine - let’s feast on your grief - a worldwide recession - a poor lack of immediate response of the imminent spread of a virus - brought on by a worldwide display of idiots - reinforced by the lack of visibly adequate leadership - A global disaster Voltron - I write this - quarantined in my house slippers when holed up failed to hold up - but this ain’t a party and if so - blow out the candles, where’s the cake? - unemployment no income out of prayer is enough of a reason to celebrate - up the stairs - on the door to the right - in the bedroom - his body hung by a noose made of his out of office neckties - looped over a crossbeam - no broken fingernails - no wavered decision - no lacerations - no hesitation - on the floor - in front of the bed was a kicked over chair - urine on the rug underneath the body - as the smell of excrement wafted in the air
My pen is not your friend it’s an aberration w/no adjacent awesome town population one pulitzer pulverizer the goodbye man mazetalker minotaur the malicious meticulous maelstrom monsoon of misery deathtrap nostalgic diabolical devilry that I devised - broken blossoms weeper under the woe like a guy - on his back - supine - getting his ass licked - until his house set on fire by her husband - moneybin shark still think while it’s legal - spit tighter than a tourniquet weaved into a carpet walking all over you premature first bump disappoint on a good day on his rap application - as occupation, he wrote “clown” weary willie as Emmett Kelly regulated to sidecar - words in convoy escort a rapper walking under a ladder lead to distress imitating manhood follow in footsteps of fathers they never met - marked absent - sonically disrupt that delusional vision is 20/20 suppress neuro-splicer @ your walnut they wept weaponized quill mercurial giddy up rodeo prose rode rhythms equestrian - you a riot acting up but ain’t a thespian global warming to polar caps scorn gaggin’ on goo - so much flavor you can taste it like a sommelier Malbec sour grapes it’s red - my pen is not your friend - it’s a Hammerhead Corvette upside the heads of MC’s - w/a sock full of batteries burst - through they verse - like a xenomorph birth in Alien - a forced cesarean - fly like a Thanagarian - glad we got a Space Force as Biden rejects single pay - Kenneth Copeland , Trump’s Man of God, will pray the RONA away take a birthday injecting all a y’all w/ Lysol no vaccine for stupid vanquished by midnight on Easter by revitalized Zombie Jesus in 80’s Jordache acid jeans - Covid- 19 - vaccine in bear bile Ballbeam - Bloomberg spent 9 hundred million on a failed campaign - after the pandemic hit -Bloomberg ain’t spent shit Jim Baker claims Trump’s safety cone Cheetos powdered tint - is the Holy Spirit - you the type of dumb muthafucka to defund the World Health Organization during a global pandemic - to deflect from your suckas game - to shift blame unraveling before our eyes forced to resign unless you vote by mail - then the Postal Services collapse - comfort in the cocoon of days past - like Democracy - you a wrap - ya D -minus disco calamity half wit Hamlets animus hark the herald declared a heretic Heretic Anguish scalp MAGA hats hats off to a heathen, ya moth cocks be kind to my mind - I turned your shit off - for scraps, you beg - for that societal - kiss on the forehead these fists pummeled face into cubist abstraction - dull as a butterknife for wrist cutters it’s mid-August outside, it’s a 100 degrees - tacky like socks during sex embarrassed that you’re wearing long sleeves cause you cut wrists horizontally - instead of vertically - missing all your vital arteries y’all playing - my suicide hotline you call in for tips so heed this advice - for next time, get it right so I won’t repeat myself twice cause my pen is not your friend - it’s an aberration w/ no adjacent futile as tryin to wrap arms around a memory - it’s disposition far from being friendly ugly girls protesting stay at home, please take the mask off - your labia’s Flint water tea gas station sushi ghastly galaxy terrornaut talk that talk in my bag when I go off - schmucks couldn’t be more open if they bent forward, spread they ass cheeks, grabbed they ankles, and coughed
BLK VXX 05:05


released September 18, 2020

Beans - Orator (OT Music/SESAC)

All Tracks produced by Ay Fast (Fast Grey Fox (SESAC)

Additional production on BLK VXX with drum programming by Ade Firth, synths by Ay Fast with scratches by That Kid Prolific

Strings on A Dark by Christopher Auerbach-Brown

Additional vocals on Anti-Star System by Hemlock Ernst (Ideas for Housecrafts (ASCAP) and Angel Bat Dawid (ASCAP) on BLK VXX

Guitar on This Night Amok, Lyedecker, & Hammerhead Corvette by Ron Kretsch

VENGA Cover by Christopher Charles Curtis

Recorded, Mixed, and Engineered by Chris Keffer @ Magnetic North

Mastered by Jose Guerrero @ Plataforma Continental


all rights reserved



BEANS New York, New York

Accomplished abstract poet. Early architect of electronic-infused beatscapes. Founding member of legendary left-field rap act Anti-Pop Consortium


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