Die Tonight

from BEANS


Die Tonight is a 174 page book of weird fiction (an amalgamation of various genres including but not limited mystery, fantasy, and/or science fiction) that tells the story of Eric Ford, a teenage loner who gets possessed by a record, goes on killing spree, and finds himself.

Eric Ford is an avid record collector who prefers to surround himself with his impressive record collection instead of people. One day, while record shopping, Eric stumbles upon a record that changes his life forever. He unearths an album by an obscure, sadistic recording artist named Stalker, which is possessed.

Whether Eric’s homicidal urges are intrinsic or newly persuaded, the Stalker album influences him to become more assertive with his aspirations, which include his high school crush, Tabitha Plumber, and the elimination of his rival for her affections, Kevin Rosen.

After their untimely demise, Tabitha and Kevin reunite after death and are shown their way around the afterlife by an angel by the name of Jasper, a holy hedonist once ostracized from Heaven who still carries a torch for his ex-girlfriend from Hell. Jasper acts as the duo’s chaperone, showing the recently deceased that the party doesn’t get started until after you’re dead.

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BEANS New York, New York

Accomplished abstract poet. Early architect of electronic-infused beatscapes. Founding member of legendary left-field rap act Anti-Pop Consortium

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